Solar Power made visible…

The E-Solys Energy Monitor (EEM) enables you to show the yield of one or more PV plants to your audience in a simple and insightful way. This increases the effect of your investment.

  • The EEM also has an informative side: through free text/images/video, internet content (weather forecasts, news, traffic information, stock market information, etc.) the public can be informed about any relevant subject, depending on the target group.
  • The EEM on a large monitor is a real eye-catcher for the public and can therefore influence the walking direction and speed of consumers, passengers and other audiences
  • For schools, the EEM can be applied to contribute to education.
  • For businesses and governmental organisations, the EEM can be used to contribute to the desired environmental friendly image or to justify the investment.
  • Governments can use the EEM as a means of raising awareness about sustainability and thus encouraging sustainable behavior.