Make money with service & PV system management?

As an installer, owner or operator, you realize better than anyone that it is important that installations and inspections are carried out properly the first time. Going back on location to make corrections or to make forgotten measurements or inspections should be avoided at all times.

During the operational phase of the PV installation, it is important that the yield is maximized while repair and maintenance are carried out on time and as efficiently as possible.

The E-Solys Operations & Service Management System (E-Solys OSMS) supports PV plant operators, maintenance organizations and installers in these activities.

E-Solys OSMS has been developed on the basis of our own hands-on experience with the installation, management and maintenance of PV installations and is specifically aimed at this, which you will see in the ease of use and short implementation time of the OSMS. We can now count a considerable number of leading installers among our customers.

To return to the above question: in the execution of service and management everything revolves around efficiency. With our system, things such as monitoring, signalling, the creation of cases, the registration of new PV systems, reporting, etc. are fully automated. The result: fewer actions and a better result, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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The OSMS is an integrated solution that covers the entire operations & maintenance process for PV systems from start to finish. Due to the integrated nature of the system, all necessary information is available in every part of the process, also in the field on location. This naturally contributes to an error-free and efficient execution of the operations & maintenance process.

Real time monitoring

The E-Solys OSMS monitors the performance of your PV installations from hour to hour and deviations are immediately signaled. The OSMS continuously collects monitoring data from inverters of all brands and analyzes this based on, among other things, the solar irradiance measured at various locations by the KNMI. In the event of defects or incidents, immediate action can be taken. The OSMS does this for a wide range of inverters, without the need for hardware adjustments.

At any time, you have real-time insight into the performance of all your PV systems in the form of clear dashboards with performance ratios (PR), trends, cumulative yield graphs and others….

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With the help of the dashboard you have an overview of all PV installations under your management. Power and Performance Ratio (PR) of each PV installation are made visible by the size and color respectively. This gives you an overview of the size and impact of a malfunction at a glance.

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Case management

The OSMS automatically translates the detected deviations into a so-called “Case” that forms the starting point for an intervention. The case will go through a number of stages until the deviation is resolved and the PV installation in question performs again as expected. The OSMS monitors the status of the case and automatically signals action to be taken.

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Customer Portal & Decision tree

Of course, cases can also be created manually for specific service requests, questions, defects or incidents. The OSMS allows customers or own employees to enter cases based on a decision tree with questions and answers. With the decision tree, correct and complete case entry is within the reach of all your employees and  of your customers. The built-in decision tree makes it possible to handle cases immediately and automatically or to have the cases reach the right person with an initial automatic diagnosis. The decision tree also ensures that all data is completely requested from the creator of the case. The look-and-feel of the entire application and the customer portal in particular can be fully aligned with your own house style, so that your customers and employees have the impression that they are working with the system of your own organization.

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Service contracts

You can record the service contracts that you conclude with your clients in a structured manner in the OSMS. For example, it is possible to administer prices, periodic services/inspections and maintenance. Periodic activities will be automatically translated into cases by the OSMS.

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The OSMS has a planning module for the maintenance company/installer. The execution of activities that are initiated from cases can thus be planned transparently across the service teams. In this way, both the maintenance company/installer as well as the owner or operator of the PV installation(s) always have insight into where, at what times and for which work the assembly teams are active. The status of the activities is immediately visible in the central planning board and activities can be easily rescheduled.

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Mobile app for the service engineer

The assembly/service teams can be equipped with the OSMS mobile app. Using the app, the service technicians have direct insight into the work order planning, the activities to be performed and the customer files with details of the PV systems and the inspections to be performed. The mobile app is also able to track the status of the activities to be carried out. Any delays are automatically passed on to the back office and possibly to the next client in the schedule so that they are aware of a later start of the work. The mobile app also supports the electronic completion and signing of the “work order”. Photos, working times, use of materials, inspection and measurement results are automatically uploaded into the OSMS.

The revised version of our mobile app supports offline working in situations where no internet conerage is avalaible.

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The user can easily retrieve reports from the OSMS, including:

  • Service report with performed activities, costs and times.
  • Performance report in which the performance of the PV installation or the service organization is compared to the agreed performance criteria.
  • Electronic work orders with photo reporting.

The reporting module also provides company-specific reports that can be customised.

Wall dashboard

On the so-called wall dashboard on 1 or more large screens you can show key figures of your operational process to your employees on the work floor/in the call center. In this way, everyone can see at a glance where the priorities of operations and maintenance lie from minute to minute. On the wall dashboard you can display things such as the number of open cases, the most recent cases and the (status of the) planning in the field.

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Link with other business information systems

Using APIs (application programming interfaces) based on web services, it is possible to seamlessly integrate the OSMS with your other business information systems (accounting system, sales system, ERP). This avoids the need to manually copy information from one system to another and also keeps the data in the different systems aligned.

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