The EEM shows in rotating pages on a public monitor information about the yield of your PV plant in combination with other content.

You decide how many pages are shown, what the content and layout is per page. The pages are completely free to design. You can divide each page into one or more blocks and in each block you can display information from a different source (solar panels, internet, own texts, images and video).

The EEM automatically switches off the monitor and itself outside of your operating hours. This keeps the energy consumption to a minimum!

It is very simple to start: connect the EEM to an HDMI monitor and to the internet (wired or via WIFI). Every EEM is supplied with a number of sample pages as standard. These are already displayed immediately. Do you want something different? Then you can expand or adapt the pages to your own wishes via the E-Solys management portal.

You can manage the pages or have them managed via the clear E-Solys management portal. This portal is accessible via any internet browser, locally or remotely. Periodically, the EEM automatically receives software updates, which automatically improves the product and further expands the functionality of the product.